About JSpeaks To The Unique

Thank you for clicking on to my website. I hope you enjoy the music and the merchandise I have to offer. Please give me your feedback on color scheme and merchandise ideas. The reason why I started "JSpeaks To The Unique" is because God began to open up my realization to so many more gifts and talents that I had hidden inside for so many years. I started out doing poetry 14 years ago and since then, I've evolved as an artist into songwriting, rapping, and acting. I even do some behind the camera filming and editing. The name "JSpeaks To The Unique" is the idea that I speak TO THE UNIQUE, and we are ALL unique in our own way. I want you to realize that there is an Almighty God who created you to THE ONLY YOU that there will ever be in human history. There has never been anyone like you and there never will be anyone like you again. I speak to everyone and YOU, my friend, are SPECIAL, UNIQUE, and ONE OF A KIND!!! God bless you and enjoy the adventure of browsing through "JSpeaks To The Unique"

Born in Hawaii and raised in San Diego, CA, Jerome is a military progeny who has been blessed to travel the world and be exposed to diverse learning experiences and people. These experiences served as a perfect platform for preparing him to minister and relate to people from all over the world, which would later become an integral part of his purpose in life. Jerome has been a poet at heart and has had the gift of rhyme all of his life, but his serious commitment to writing and reciting began in 2009 after he clearly heard the voice of the Lord tell him, "I GAVE YOU A GIFT...USE IT!!!" From that moment forward, he has been dedicated to using his God-Given gifts as a scribe which includes poetry, songwriting, and rapping.

To date, Jerome has released several compilations. Why JSpeaks (2016), A Different Dynamic EP (2016), and the singles, God is Greater (2017) and Long Way (feat. Urgency) (2019). Currently JSpeaks is finishing up his latest project entitled “YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME?” Available Now on ALL Digital Outlets!!!

Whether on stage, in front of the camera, or managing behind the scenes, Jerome has found he is comfortable in every aspect of the theatre and film world. Over the years, he has had the privilege of using his acting, MC, and poetic skills in The Calling of a Call Girl (2011), Just When You Thought You Had Me (2012), Judgement Day (2016), The Birthing (2016), Speak Out: A Domestic Violence Stage Play (2018), Da Dealership (2018), and Love Shouldn't Hurt (2022). These productions are only the beginning of what God has in store for him!

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Jerome is also a teacher and humanitarian he volunteers for Speak Out Inc., a nonprofit organization on a mission to bring awareness and education about the effects of domestic violence in Houston and surrounding communities. Jerome is an artist set apart by God who ministers through his talent for the purpose of conveying the Word of God in diverse ways. His hope is that through his gifts, the minds, hearts, and eyes of people will be opened so that they may realize this world is bigger than Self. His ultimate purpose is that his art will be the vessel that leads people to form an intimate relationship with the Lord.